Diversity in the workplace is not only good for people who have been historically disadvantaged, but it’s also good for our society, our economy and our businesses. According to numerous studies, organizations that are diverse by race, gender, ethnicity and culture are more successful financially.

The reasons are clear: The variety of viewpoints and perspectives from a diverse workforce reflects the complex world around us and leads to better experiences for customers, employees, and investors.

That’s why we take diversity hiring seriously and strive to match clients with professionals from all backgrounds who have the skills, experience and cultural fit needed to thrive. While our clients are our first priority, we also aim to diversify our own staff as job opportunities arise in our workplace.


Real estate has historically been a field dominated by white males. Even today, the number of women and people of color – particularly in leadership positions – is small. Many people still struggle for equal recognition and opportunity.

With the rapid changes in our society, however, real estate companies that want to remain competitive are taking steps to remove traditional barriers in recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse talent. They need to unlock the power and potential of talented people who’ve been marginalized by mitigating bias in their organizations and establishing a fair and equitable talent-development process.


Building Balance is a highly specialized management consulting practice focused on boosting performance through attaining and sustaining a diverse workforce. Our deep expertise in recruiting and retention in the competitive real estate market makes us the ideal partner for firms wishing to better balance their management teams. We guide our partners in establishing and sustaining diversity, equity and inclusion through a holistic, proprietary approach. Our cutting-edge Cultural Add Recruiting Program marries talent acquisition with retention, to cultivate a diverse talent pool, and build a robust pipeline.